Coach William Robinson marvels at how far his Skyline Magnet High Raiders have come in just three short seasons.

“This is just year four for this coaching staff and anyone that knows anything about us knows how hard these guys have worked in putting this program on the course it’s now on,” Robinson told Texas Scorecard. “No question, we’ve been struggling, but in that time we’ve stayed true to our philosophy of working twice as hard to have a chance of catching up with all those teams we’ve been trailing. And now, here we are.”

That would be off to a 10-3 start, the earliest point the team has reached double-digit wins in around 15 seasons, with wins over no less than four area teams the school has regularly struggled against.

With a lineup of five seniors and four sophomores, the Raiders boast a mix that’s as poised as it is daring, led by the do-everything duo of senior Carlos Cerda and sophomore Daniel Cox.

In addition to being the Raiders No. 1 starter, who threw a complete game in his last start, Cerda is hitting .750 from his lead-off spot.

“He sets the tone for us on the mound and at the plate,” Williams added.

Ditto for the 5-foot-11, 225-pound Cox, the team’s No. 2 hurler to go along with being one of its biggest run producers.

“He hits the ball as hard as anyone around,” Williams said. “He’s just a very powerful guy.”

Shortstop Emilio Trevino and catcher Antonio Espinoza are also four-year letter-winners, with Trevino having already signed to attend Brookhaven College as the first Raiders’ player to sigh with a collegiate program this early in the season in as long as anyone can remember.

“Having him at shortstop is like having a security blanket on the field,” Williams added. “He’s just electric out there and it seems like there’s nothing he can’t get to. Emilio came into the program as just a 5-foot-3 scrapper, now he’s 6-2, 175 pounds and the face of the program. I tell the guys take a look at what hard work can do.”

Overall, Williams has high hopes for where the Raiders can go this season—as long as they stay who they are.

“As long as we stay who we are, stay in our routine, we can make this a special season,” he said. “I tell the guys, I’m giving you complete ownership of the show. Now, all you have to do is go and showcase for everyone just what we’re capable of.”


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