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House Passes Tax Relief Measures

Tax relief moved easily through the Texas House on Tuesday, a full month after the Senate passed their package. Both the House and the Senate are working to implement tax relief, but the two chambers currently differ over the proper method. The Senate’s $4.6 billion package focused on property tax relief, while the House plan […]

By |April 28, 2015
Reforms, Budget Pass Senate

On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate passed its budget for the 2016-17 biennium. At $211.4 billion, the Senate budget is slightly larger (by a margin of roughly $1.5 billion) than its House counterpart. However, the increase is not due to more spending, but may be attributed to the more than $2 billion in additional tax cuts […]

By |April 14, 2015
Caps Off: House Defers to Tax Hikes

On Monday, the House Public Education Committee voted 8-1 to allow school districts to bust their debt spending caps that have been in place since 1991. The bill, HB 506 by Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin), does not directly increase school spending, but instead makes borrowing increases more accessible for school districts. The bill requires that the district […]

By |April 8, 2015
After 18-Hour Process, House Passes Budget

After almost eighteen continuous hours of discussion, interrogation, and confrontation, the overnight debut of HB 1 ended in the Texas House with a 141-5 vote to passage at 5:39 a.m. on April 1. This base budget plan, submitted by Rep. John Otto (R-Dayton), arrived on the House floor Tuesday morning with more than 350 proposed amendments up […]

By |April 1, 2015
Addition and Placation

House budget writers added an additional $800 million to the 2016-17 budget plan on Wednesday in an effort to increase education spending. This brings the House’s proposed education spending to a total of $3 billion, well beyond the $2.2 billion that’s needed to accommodate the projected increase in student enrollment. Public Education Committee Chair Jimmie […]

By |March 26, 2015
House Sluggish on Tax Relief

On Tuesday morning, the House Appropriations Committee unanimously passed the budget plan provided in House Bill 1. HB 1, as passed by the committee, will spend $209.8 billion over the 2016-17 biennium, an increase of $7.4 billion from the $202.4 billion base budget plan recommended by the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) in January. The budget […]

By |March 24, 2015
P+I Day In Senate Finance, Part 2

On Tuesday morning, witnesses testified before the Senate Finance Committee concerning SJR 2 and SB 9 by State Sen. Kelly Hancock (R-North Richland Hills). Ursula Parks, representing the Legislative Budget Board (LBB), argued against the population-plus-inflation metric as provided in SB 9, stating that goods and services purchased by the state differs from those purchased […]

By |March 19, 2015
P+I Day in Senate Finance

The Senate Finance Committee met Tuesday morning to discuss legislation that would require the adoption of the population-plus-inflation metric to calculate the state’s spending limit. This metric, which is based on gradual trends and hinders the rate of governmental growth, provides a fiscally conservative method for the calculation of the state spending cap that would […]

By |March 17, 2015