Drew Hagler has emerged as his father’s son in the way he has mastered Anson High’s offense at quarterback.

“Things have gotten to the point where he’s thinking of the plays to run before I call them,” Coach Chris Hagler told Empower Texans of his son and junior quarterback. “He has all the intangibles, like intelligence and knowledge of the game, and has found a way to use that to his advantage.”

It has all been to the benefit of the Tigers, who had won four of five in the 3A-2 Region| District 4 heading into a recent showdown with unbeaten Cisco.

Through Anson’s first eight games, Hagler amassed 2,641 total yards from scrimmage, 1,525 of them passing to go along with 15 passing touchdowns. The 5-foot-11-inch, 195-pound battler, who somehow also finds the energy to start at defensive end, has also rushed for 1,115 yards and another nine scores.

“I don’t know where he gets the drive and energy,” Chris Hagler marveled. “I will say he’s very passionate about the game and has been building for these moments for a long time.”

Hagler said his son has been playing the game since he was 6 years old and attending quarterback camps across the state since sixth grade, including one where former Texas star Colt McCoy’s father once worked as an instructor.

“He been starting at quarterback since his sophomore season and this is his second straight season of putting up numbers like these,” Hagler added. “He’s matured so much, everything now seems to come a little easier for him.”

Even being his father’s son.

“He embraces having me as his coach now more than ever, and I think it comes easier for him than it ever has,” Hagler said. “There have been some struggles, but as he’s been able to elevate his play and his grasp of things, that’s become less of an issue.”


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