Austin Vandegrift senior wide receiver Trey Mongauzy relishes his roles as a trustworthy target and an experienced leader for the currently undefeated Vipers.

The 5-foot-11-inch, 180-pound Mongauzy enjoyed a big night in Vandegrift’s 31-12 victory over Leander Independent School District and Class 6A Region II District 13 rival Cedar Park Vista Ridge at Ed W. Monroe Stadium on Sept. 27. Aside from two touchdown hauls against the Rangers, Mongauzy turned heads with a one-handed catch for a huge third-down conversion.

“Trey is extremely integral to our success as a team,” head coach Drew Sanders told Texas Scorecard. “He’s not only an excellent wide receiver, but he isn’t afraid to block for his other teammates when the time calls for that. In addition to that, he’s one of our team captains and his leadership skills are excellent. I’d say as a player, he checks all the boxes for me as a head coach.”

Mongauzy has lettered under Sanders for three years. The senior, whose twin brother is also on the team, began his varsity career in the defensive secondary before transitioning to his current position last year. After being integrated into the offense, Mongauzy and senior quarterback Dru Dawson formed what the receiver considers an “awesome duo.” The two clicked after Dawson transferred to Vandegrift in their freshman year.

“I definitely consider him my best friend,” Mongauzy told Texas Scorecard. “We have that chemistry as friends. We can play loosely together and we’re super confident in each other. We both do well on the field together.”

To date, Dawson has thrown to Mongauzy for approximately 1,200 yards and 17 touchdowns. According to Mongauzy, he is on pace to make the production he had in his junior season – 900 receiving yards and 10 scores – with a little more than 300 yards and five touchdowns through five games as of press time.

The all-district wideout values the culture of hard work and discipline at Vandegrift, which won its first undefeated district championship in 2018.

“Nobody has to really worry about each other not working hard or not being committed,” Mongauzy said. “Everyone’s working. The relationships are great. Everyone’s friends. It’s just super fun being able to play with everyone.”

Mongauzy added that he is also close to Sanders’ staff, even the defensive coaches.

“It’s an awesome thing that we all have,” he said.

As Vandegrift’s lone returning receiver, Mongauzy prides himself for knowing the Vipers’ offense and assisting his teammates.

“A big part of my role is making sure that everyone knows what’s going on,” Mongauzy said. “I’m always helping, always answering questions. Being able to be on the field and help them out is a super, strong way to make sure everyone knows what’s going on so we can just be fluid and run super well.”

Mongauzy credits his sibling, safety Tyler Mongauzy, for helping him hone his craft.

“We love to compete,” the receiver said. “We make each other better.”

While his big catch in the Vista Ridge game was widely shared and raved about on social media, Mongauzy simply considered the play just another thing he does for the Vipers.

“A catch is a catch, one-handed or not,” he said. “For me, it was just another third-down conversion. I just see it as a way I move the ball and support the 99-yard drive that we eventually score on.”

One of those amazed was Sanders himself.

“It was really impressive,” the coach said. “We looked at each other on the sidelines and went, ‘Wow.’ It was during a key point in the game. It was a high throw, and he just went up and got it. We went on to score on that drive. That was a third-and-five when he made that catch. It was really important for our team to continue to move the ball, and he made sure that happened. But Trey does that kind of stuff all the time in practice. We know that he’s very skilled, but that was an amazing catch.”

Mongauzy said that the Vipers are determined to repeat as district champions and “keep doing what we’re doing. We just need to keep doing our thing, honestly. I think we’re just a strong unit. Everyone trusts each other. We’re just super confident in what we can do.”

A few schools have offered Mongauzy athletic scholarships, but his main focus at the moment is helping Vandegrift pursue its first state championship in football. He hopes to leave behind a legacy of fun and positivity at the Travis County school.