Big Spring boys’ track coach Mitchell Woodard has made reminding his Steers just who they are a big part of his game plan for this season.

“We’re not as good this season as we’ve been in some of our dominant years, so now we’re trying to feed off some of that success,” Woodard told Texas Scorecard. “I tell the guys keeps grinding, keep staying positive and eventually we’ll break through.”

The Steers’ roster of experienced veterans and young talent give Woodard hope that the advancement will come sooner rather than later.

Seniors D.J. Molina (100 meters, 400 relay), Jeremiah Cooley (long jump) and A.J. Gonzalez (shot put, discuss) have all qualified for and competed in the state regionals, with Woodard branding Molina as the team’s unquestioned leader.

“He comes to work every day and has seen a lot of things many of the young guys haven’t that he’s more than willing,” he said.

Sophomore Damian Franco leads the pack of the Steers young up and comers, with Woodard raving he’s “really starting to break through and understand what he can do” in the 400.  

Woodard said by constantly reminding his team of the program’s history he helps keep their standards high and provides them with a tangible example of what hard work can do.

“I’m always talking about the kids that have come and gone and reminding them about their work ethic and how they were always working to achieve the success they ultimately found,” he said. “In the end, everyone has to pull their own weight and it’s been encouraging to see guys stepping up the way they have.”

Through it all, Woodard said the Steers’ standards and goals haven’t changed.

“Our goal is the same, get to Austin for the regionals,” he said. “We still believe we’re capable of that.”