Mention the name Brockermeyer at All Saints Episcopal School in Fort Worth and you will elicit a warm smile, an approving nod and a heartfelt compliment about a family that has deep ties to the institution.

Junior offensive lineman Tommy Brockermeyer looks to add to his family’s legacy – started by his father, SMU assistant coach and former NFL offensive lineman Blake Brockermeyer – at the college preparatory day school.

The Brockermeyer patriarch, who was one of the original Carolina Panthers when the team began play in 1995, served as a coach for the Saints football program. His two eldest sons, Jack and Luke, both suited up in the navy blue and white. Now, Tommy and twin brother James are keeping the bloodline alive at All Saints.

Head coach Aaron Beck told Texas Scorecard that the 6-foot-6-inch, 285-pound Tommy Brockermeyer is sitting out the entire 2019 season because of injury, but the highly sought-after tackle has a glass half-full approach to his situation. In the meantime, his equally talented sibling, who is one of the top centers in the country, represents the pair in the trenches.

“We’re just anxiously awaiting [Tommy’s] return next year,” Beck said. “To have both Brockermeyer boys on the O-line next year is going to be definitely a season to remember. It’s not just the Brockermeyer boys, but it’s a really strong junior class that we have.”

According to the coach, Tommy Brockermeyer acts as his teammates’ biggest supporter on the sidelines.

“In his injury, he’s been a great teammate from the sidelines,” Beck said. “He’s been a great in-game encourager. Always engaged, always doing anything he can to help his teammates. Even when he got hurt, he was extremely disappointed, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom. It was, ‘Hey, I’m going to get this thing fixed, and I can’t wait to get back at rehab, get back in shape, stay involved, stay engaged’ … and he’s done exactly that.”

As a sophomore in 2018, Beck said, Tommy Brockermeyer started every game and was very productive. According to the coach, the tackle and his brother were members of a very exclusive club: true sophomores who saw action for the All Saints program.

“Both Tommy and James started at the center and tackle positions last year,” Beck said. “As sophomore players, you certainly see the upside and the potential that Tommy has. There just aren’t a lot of human beings built like him … the mentality and the work ethic that goes along with that is, I think, what’s going to separate him and his class when he’s back healthy.”

The Brockermeyer twins have received offers from many prominent programs. Their father and their grandfather played for Texas while their second oldest brother is a linebacker for the Longhorns.

Beck praised Tommy and James for being excellent students who accumulate high GPAs.

“For those guys to train the way they train, do what they do year-round in regards to football, and maintain a GPA at that level just shows how they’ve been conditioned, raised and brought up to [succeed],” he said.

The coach, who is also very good friends with the Brockermeyers, added that while he misses Tommy Brockermeyer terribly on the field, he is still enriched daily by the young man’s presence in his life and on his team.

As of press time, All Saints has a 3-2 record and is in the midst of a bye week. It commences district play on Oct. 18 against Addison Trinity Christian.


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