Madison High School basketball standout Jerome Rogers Jr. is continuing a long family tradition of athletic success. 

His father, Jerome Rogers Sr., led the Madison High School basketball team to a state title in 1997. His sister, Endyia Rogers, a senior at Bishop Lynch High School, also led her basketball team to a championship.

Madison head coach Damien Mobley said Rogers Jr.’s pedigree plays a role in his success.

“That helps him a lot,” Mobley said. “He watched how his father was successful on and off the court, being a Division I athlete. Then his sister being two years older, he watched her because she has a tireless work ethic also. They get up every day and strive.”  

Mobley said Rogers Jr.’s work ethic is what makes him stand out among this generation of athletes at Madison, located in Dallas.

“He works very hard,” Mobley said. “Sometimes he works too hard. He is dedicated and focused on his craft on the court and in academics.”

Rogers Jr. was only a sophomore this past season, but Mobley said he has already shown great leadership skills.

“He was one of the youngest players on the team,” Mobley said. “As far as leading his peers, he did it by example more so than vocally. He did take charge and take accountability.”

Mobley said the basketball star is the same in the classroom, where he asks questions and takes responsibility. Although he still has a two more seasons of high school basketball, Mobley said Rogers Jr. is already planning for the future.

“I know one goal that he has is playing at the next level,” Mobley said. “He wants to play on a Division I level and be a Division I student first at a big university. Then, of course, all Division I athletes want to be professional athletes.”