The unspoken bond between Montgomery High football seniors Nate Colborn, Luke Loera and Tyler Holliday serves as a bedrock for the team.

All three have been in the program’s pipeline since the seventh grade, never starring but always exceling and serving as true examples of student athletes to their teammates.

“These are three guys in a class of 578 seniors who are all ranked among the top 10 in the class,” Montgomery coach John Bolfing told Empower Texans. “They’re here, working hard every day, involved in multiple sports and totally representative of well-rounded student athletes.”

To speak to either of them is to hear the same story about what motivates and propels them to persevere in a sport where none of them are regularly on the field.

“I think it’s important not to just think about yourself,” Colburn told Empower Texans. “A situation like this teaches you discipline and about how it’s important to do something for someone else. Some of my teammates are just better players, but I hope we all inspire one another in the way we do great things and have balance.”

Loera, a senior receiver, agrees.

“I think being dedicated to stay with the process builds character,” he said. “It teaches you a life lesson about being a part of something where you’re not the center of it. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s definitely been worth it.”

Holliday adds that he’s long had a motto that wouldn’t allow things to be any other way.

“I don’t think it’s good to quit in the middle of anything,” he said. “Besides, I wouldn’t give anyone the satisfaction of seeing me quit.”

Bolfing insists Montgomery football wouldn’t be Montgomery football without the trio.

“I think all the other players look at them and see if they’re willing to work that hard to be a part of this they should be willing also,” he said. “All three of those guys are tremendously respected by their teammates. Every guy draws inspiration from the next guy.”

The 5-5 Bears end the regular season hosting Whitehouse and traveling to Lindale.