The Cedar Ridge Raiders varsity softball team has been one of the most dominant teams in the state of Texas over the last decade and this season has been no different. 

Currently sitting at 17-0, the Raiders find themselves ranked first in the state and second in all of the country, according to Coming off of an 11-1 thrashing of Cypress Woods in the opening round of the playoffs, they aren’t finished yet.

Head coach Jessica Poole told the Texas Scorecard that it has been the senior leadership of her ball club that has them in position to be one of the best teams in the country.

“It has been our six seniors that have stepped up,” said coach Poole. “They are very determined. They hold themselves accountable. They are willing to put aside drama and other distractions that could hinder our success. I am very proud of how they have really matured into great leaders this year.”

Those six Raiders seniors, Serena Perez, Katy Repa, Estephania Elliot, Victoria McCann, Maddie Boldt, and Camryn Middlebrook, have led by example all season, demonstrating what it takes to work hard and compete day in and day out.

“They are learning to handle failure by getting their emotions under control,” said Poole. “They are also having better plate appearances by being more disciplined at the plate. More than anything, they put in the work. If it is the weight room, batting cages, on the field, or in the classroom — they put in the work.”

As for the future of the six seniors, anything is possible. “These six girls are all going to play at the next level,” Poole told the Scorecard. “They all are going to be a success at whatever field they choose, of that I have no doubt.”

Cedar Ridge is set to take on Oak Ridge on May 4 in the next round of the Texas Softball State Championship 6A Regions 2 & 4 Playoff Tournament.


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