With a high-school average of 13.7 points per game, it’s easy to see where Southern Methodist University women’s basketball player Kayla White gets the confidence she plans to bring to the Mustangs.

In an interview on the team’s website, White said “you’ve got to be confident in your game and confident in your abilities” to achieve success.

At DeSoto High School, the 5-foot-10 shooting guard earned All-District honors, while her studies propelled her to the National Honor Society, according to her college bio.

Despite her on-court potential, White told an SMU interviewer practicing and preparing for college-level competition was more stringent than for high school.

“We lifted in high school, but we didn’t lift as heavy as we do here,” she said in the SMU article. “So, I just feel like we’re going to be playing against older girls, girls that have been here for a couple of years already. So just adjusting to being strong enough or just the strength of other teams and other players.”