Team Green Running, an amateur track program based in Montgomery County, contributes another stellar athlete to the collegiate ranks in University of Arkansas commit Joshua Shearer.

TGR head coach Dan Green praised Shearer, who graduated from the Woodlands Christian Academy last month, as “a coach’s delight.”

“He’s an incredible young man,” Green told Texas Scorecard. “He’s hard-working [and] very quiet. He just does a great job in and out.”

Green, who used to coach track at The Woodlands High, added that many local products went to Fayetteville with Shearer — albeit a private school star — being the latest.

Shearer was a member of TGR for much of his high school career, which was highlighted by the Warriors boys cross country team’s state championship title his junior year.

“He was a prominent force in that win,” said Green.

According to Green, Shearer gets along with each and every of his TGR teammates, who hail from Houston and its northern suburbs.

“They develop friendships and bonds,” the coach said. “They come together [with] similar goals and similar passions. It gives them the opportunity to work with somebody that has the same motives and goals as they do.”

Green said that the Razorbacks track program will “get a guy who’s going to prove really valuable to them within the next two to three years.” He stresses for Shearer “to be in there for the long haul” and “enjoy the process.”

“The guys that are patient are the ones who are going to really do a good job in the long run,” stated Green.

He will “immensely” miss Shearer when fall rolls around but is eager to see what the latter will do wearing cardinal and white instead of the familiar green (TWCA’s primary color is also green).

“You don’t get guys like Josh very often,” said Green. “He is a very awesome young man, and I’m going to really enjoy watching him flourish at the college level.”

While Shearer is a TWCA alum, he has a younger brother at the school who is also involved in the Warriors track and field program like he was.

Green said he does not know what Shearer will study at Arkansas, but Shearer’s elder siblings bear interests in the engineering field.