Democrat operatives continue to have high hopes for winning in House District 105. While contributors to the Texas Tribune and party insiders respectively speculate and fantasize about HD 105 slipping from the grasp of the GOP they avoid addressing the failed attempt in 2008 and the implications of that failure.

In 2008 incumbent Republican Linda Harper Brown retained the seat by a razor thin margin of 19 votes. In that election Harper Brown faced a repeat challenge from Democrat Robert Romano. While Harper Brown manged a W (in the year of circle slash W) other Republican candidates in HD 105 did not fair as well.

Of the races reported by the Texas Legislative Council, 14 in HD 105 had representation of each major party. Democrats took the majority in 10 of those 14 races. Those victories include a landslide 4 point margin of victory at the top of the ticket.

Those famous Obama coattails might have helped make up ground on Harper Brown but they did not produce a victory. For comparison sake in 2004 W won the district with 60 plus percent of the vote and KBH won with a similar percent of the vote in 2006.

What Matt Angle of the Lone Star Project and other Democrats fail to see through their fogged blue glasses is that the people of HD 105 are happy with and well served by the representation Harper Brown offers.


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