Well, the 11th grade watchdog pup comes home with a project for “Constitution Week” at Permian High School and once again we are shocked at what supposed educators don’t know about our most precious founding documents. I have attached the actual document below for your perusal…pay particular attention to “Amendments” 1-3,9,15 & 21 to get you started.

In addition you will notice that it could be implied in this teachers “interpretation” of the 1st amendment that it is the government that grants you rights. Could it be that more and more teachers are afraid to tell students that their rights are God-given and that government exists to protect those rights? In the 3rd amendment interpretation I find it interesting that the teacher “finds” verbiage that says you can’t be forced to serve as a soldier. While we know that you can be a “conscientious objector” to serving in the military I have never known anyone to cite the 3rd amendment as their basis for objection. Further how can you as an educator seriously say that the 21st amendment repeals the 17th AND 18th amendment? (It only repealed the 18th.)

The question becomes is this willful deception of the real enumeration of our rights or just ignorance? How much effort are teachers really putting in to understanding the foundation of our government (of which so many want to assert their rights from)? Do teachers consider this week (mandated by state law) as a “throw away” week where they are forced to waste time while taking away precious time from “real learning”?

In addition I am including the email exchanges which you might find equally shocking (i.e the classroom teacher saying TWICE that the Amendments come from the Declaration of Independence!):

Permian High Constitution project 11th grade (click to see actual class document):

>>> From: AudraP Moore

>>> Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 7:52 AM

>>> To: Peterson, Chad

>>> Subject: XXXX XXXXX 4th period

>>> Mr. Peterson,

>>> XXXX brought a project instruction sheet home this weekend to begin working on his project. I was curious about where the list of amendments on the back of the instructions came from. If you could reply to this email and let me know where the wording came from I would appreciate it. Thank you!

>>> Audra Moore

>> On Sep 13, 2010, at 8:18 AM, “Peterson, Chad” wrote:

>>> They are excerpts of the amendments taken from the Declaration if Independance.

>>> Chad Peterson

>>> Odessa Permian

>>> Head Girls Soccer Coach

>> From: AudraP Moore

>> Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 8:22 AM

>> To: Peterson, Chad

>> Subject: Re: XXXX XXXXX 4th period

>> Can you name the source? I need to know whose wording is being used…a textbook, a workbook, or an individual’s interpretation.

>> Audra Moore

> On Sep 13, 2010, at 8:27 AM, “Peterson, Chad” wrote:

>> These are taken from the Declaration of Independance, a copy of the document is in the textbook, online, and we will be covering this document all this week. This assignment was given last tuesday, as all the US History classes at Permian are doing the same project.

>> Chad Peterson
>> Odessa Permian
>> Head Girls Soccer Coach

From:”Peterson, Chad”
Date: September 13, 2010 8:46:51 AM CDT
To: AudraP Moore
Subject: RE: XXXX XXXXX 4th period

its just an abbreviated summary of the amendments of the U.S. Constitution. It has been condensed for the general student understanding, but we are going over an discussing the amendments in detail in the classroom, and through additional assignments. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Chad Peterson
Odessa Permian
Head Girls Soccer Coach

> From: AudraP Moore

> Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 10:05 AM

> To: Peterson, Chad

> Cc: Love, Angela

> Subject: Re: XXXX XXXXX 4th period

> Ms. Love,

> I noticed that Mr. Peterson CC’d you in this email and I have a question that I thought you might could help me with. My son XXXX was given a project paper last week with a list of the amendments to the US Constitution on the back. I am needing to know who came up with that list. Was it from the project source (out of a book or online) or was it from a workbook, or an interpretation by an individual or a department at Permian? I feel as if I have clearly stated my question, however the answer seems vague at best. Can you help me to know the SOURCE who came up with the specific wording of the amendments for this project?

> Sincerely,

> Audra Moore

On Sep 13, 2010, at 5:57 PM, “Love, Angela” wrote:

> Goodevening Ms Moore,

> Yes, Mr. Peterson cc’d me in the response because I am the Academic Associate (department chair) for the Social Studies department. The abbreviated amendments on the back of the colllage project assignment are only a briefing of the actual U.S. Constitutional amendments. Myself and another colleague created the briefing so that students could have it simplified on one page as they work on the assignment. I am sure you are aware that some of the amendments could really be more than 2 pages all by themself. However, during the instructional review of the constitution, teachers will be going into more detail about the entire document.

> Hopefully this has helped answer your question and eased any concerns you might have had.

> Sincerly,

> Angela Love

Ms. Love,

Thank you for answering my actual question as to who’s language was represented on the collage assignment worksheet. However, this does not solve the problem we seem to have unearthed. The interpretations on MANY of the amendments are not a true representation of the 27 US Constitution amendments.

My husband and I would like to request a meeting with you, and whomever you feel is appropriate, to discuss our concerns concerning the representation of the amendments to the US Constitution. The meeting must occur before 2:00pm for both of us to attend. Please let me know what time works best for you and we will be there. Thank you.

Audra Moore


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