Only 8% of the state’s 12.9 million registered voters took part in the constitutional ballot election. That’s not a healthy sign, given how important those amendments are. It’s shocking that 92% of the registered voters didn’t have an opinion on property tax reform, eminent domain abuse or new funding schemes for public universities.

Some might say it is better to sit out an election than to vote without knowledge. Absolutely true.

But we are blessed to live in a representative democracy, where the citizens are in charge. The people should be more concerned, more interested, involved and informed.

When 92% of the voters couldn’t be bothered to be educated about the issues facing our state, then take the time to vote over a two-week period, it sends a worrisome message about our future.


7/12/24 The Justice for Jocelyn Act

-Nehls and Cruz Introduce Justice for Jocelyn Act to Strengthen Detention of Illegal Aliens -House Republicans Call for Action Against Countries Refusing to Repatriate Illegal Aliens -New Victim Revealed in Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Lorena ISD