What will Democrats do as more minority candidates get elected as Republicans? Surely they can’t call all of us racists forever. That’s even more ridiculous than some of their policies! Does this mean that they might have to actually run on their record and explain to minority communities how little they have done for us . . . don’t count on it! They’ll probably just keep trying to call us racists, unfortunately.

This year we have very many great candidates for the Texas House of Representatives who are not only staunch conservative Republicans, but also fellow minorities. How exciting is that?! Of course I know not to count my chickens before they’ve hatched, but this year, the Republican Party of Texas truly has an impressive slate of candidates, many of whom are of Black or Hispanic heritage.

Liberals won’t be able to handle having a potential majority in the Texas House snatched right out from underneath them, especially since leading that charge will be some candidates with names like Larry Gonzalez, Stefani Carter, and many others! For such “open” and “understanding” people, liberals get very angry when those of us with a certain family heritage and background think for ourselves and realize that we’re not too fond of tax-and-spend policies, of an over-bloated government that continually gets in the way of our advancement, or of people who think we should vote for them just because of our last names or where we come from!

That last one is actually pretty offensive, so any liberals that might be reading this, please keep your ears open. Want to talk about racial profiling? Well try being me and telling a Democrat that not only do I vote Republican, but I enjoy getting to campaign for Republican candidates!

Anyway, point is that the 82nd Texas Legislature will more than likely see and lead to an increase in the number of minorities running as Republicans. After all, the majority of us hold very conservative views, so why shouldn’t we be supporting candidates that have similar beliefs?

That’s not to say that all Hispanics, or all Republicans for that matter, agree 100-percent on every issue. We’re all individuals and have our own opinions, and it will be exciting to see all of the new faces that will be joining the Republican Party. My only concern is what will liberal Democrats start to do when they realize that their race card has been revoked?