The War on Texas is far broader than that coming from the White House; it includes Texans bent on upsetting the rights of other Texans to govern themselves.

I’ve told you how Obama’s appointee as the EPA regional director, Al Armendariz, a native Texan from El Paso, is directing the most serious attack on industry in Texas by overturning sixteen years of a successful air quality permitting process. Well, other Texans are on the attack against their native land and it’s no surprise to find liberal-democrat congressman Lloyd Doggett’s, and other Texas democrats’, prints all over the latest affront to Texas’ self-government.

Over the holiday weekend, it was reported by the Dallas Morning News that: “A spending bill approved by the House this week includes a rare Texas-specific provision that would establish strict requirements for the state to get almost $820 million in federal education funds.

“Specifically, the bill approved Thursday states that in order for Texas to be eligible for the funds – which are meant to preserve and create teaching jobs – the percentage of state spending on elementary and secondary education for the next three fiscal years must equal or exceed current funding.”

In other words, Democrats are setting Texas school district pay scales and budgets out of the Congress in D.C. These folk, even those from Texas, know no shame when it comes to destroying the rights of Texans to govern themselves.

The only solution for Texas? Defeat every Democrat on the ballot.

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