As Republicans have just concluded their biennium convention one thing has become abundantly clear; business as usual is over! When Republicans in Texas are willing to replace their conservative firebrand interim state chairman with a conservative businessman, then you know it is a different political climate.

So, in this new political climate why on earth would Republicans in Senate district 22 even consider sending a Senator turned lobbyist turned candidate for Senate again to the state house? Has the message not been very clear to every politician across this nation that the PEOPLE have had enough with politicians that seek to profit from their political positions of power?

Mr. Sibley seeks to return to lawmaking after spending a few years using his political resume to make a handsome income lobbying the very people he served side by side with in the Texas legislature. What’s worse is that Mr. Sibley wants the people of Texas as well as Senate district 22 to forget that he he has spent some of that handsome income on some of the most liberal lawmakers in Austin!

In fact one of the lottery winners of Mr. Sibley’s benovelence is Mr. Trey Martinez Fischer one of the lead rabble rousers to move our history standards to a leftist, “blame America” socialist Utopian standard where we focus on America’s stumbles throughout history without including the spirit which caused America to overcome its troubles.

I use this particular example because this is the essence of what has caused our most recent flirtation with the “transformation of America”.

When people put the power of their (or other people’s) money behind people or organizations that seek to undermine the foundations that made our Republic great, they are themselves responsible for part of our demise. That is why everyone in this great State of Texas should rise up and help in any way possible to elect a true American hero to the Texas Senate, Mr. Brian Birdwell.

This is a man who has given his all for his state and his country which is the truest test of a person’s devotion to a cause he believes in. Bronze Star, Purple Heart and survivor of the worst enemy attack on American soil on September 11th.

The same spirit that inspired Mr. Birdwell to sacrifice his all in defense of our liberties should be met with equal passion by those of us who live in Texas to sacrifice what we can to make sure that a man such as this would represent all of us in the Texas Senate.

He has sought no financial windfall for his service, he asks for nothing in return for his service. He only asks for enough of your time to vote or to tell a friend or family member that may live in Senate District 22 to go vote for a man who won’t spend a dime to undermine our freedoms.

In the end Texas Republicans are on a clear march to recapture and tame a government that seeks to impose its will in every area of our life. It is the duty of conservatives all across Texas to send a clear message that Texas is not “For Sale”.

The contrasts in these two candidates could not be starker; one committed to the Republican form of true limited government and one that sees the State of Texas as an ATM machine. Send a few dollars if you can but more importantly VOTE for Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell; it’s a small sacrifice for someone who has given so much more.


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