Even though I know Empower Texans isn’t endorsing in House District 127, I thought your readers might like to know about Dan Huberty, who is in the run-off election to replace State Rep. Joe Crabb.

In Mr. Huberty’s brief 3 1/2 year on the Humble ISD school board, he has voted for tax increases numerous times, raising the property tax burden on Humble ISD taxpayers by 19%!

To make matters worse for taxpayers, those Huberty tax increases came ON TOP OF ever-rising appraisals on their property. Between 2006 and 2009, appraised values in Humble ISD rose 23.4%, from $7.11 billion to $9.28 billion.

When it comes to balancing a budget, Huberty’s approach is apparently to raise taxes first. For someone who wants to go to Austin, representing a conservative district in a challenging economic climate, this should be pretty troubling.

Huberty voted to increase school “maintenance and operations” property tax rate by 4 cents in 2006. Then he voted a year later to raise the m&o by 13 cents. Then in 2008, Huberty led the charge to increase Humble ISD’s interest & sinking tax rate by 8-cents.

Going into this next legislative session, where the state is facing a $15 billion budget shortfall, we really don’t need a “Republican” in office who has a history of raising taxes.