Most newspaper editorial boards have long attempted to take an above-it-all attitude to their opinion columns mostly out of a hubris which came from a time long ago when such folk wielded greater influence over the American people.

Informed Texans are well aware of how sick the newspaper industry is as many papers are in bankruptcy reorganization at the moment. But, how many are aware of just how far from North newspaper editorialists’ moral compasses are pointing?

The San Antonio Express-News editorial board has published what can forthrightly be described as a column which encourages dishonesty on the part of elected officials. The headline reads: “Hutchison should forgo resignation” and the editorial points out that the Senator has said she would resign from the Senate but, then goes on to say that she should forget the promise and remain in office.

Well San Antonio Express-News editors, it’s not the partisanship that you are always harping on which has damaged our political institutions. The real harm is the situational ethics you’ve demonstrated in your editorial.

Which is more important in a representative republic: having elected officials who are honest with voters and do what they say or, having officials who can shape right and wrong to fit whatever template is most popular or self-serving?

Upon reflection, I think most Texans would agree that dishonesty is far more damaging to our political systems than is so-called partisanship.

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