Several news stories this week demonstrate that Farouk The-Quaker Shami is right at home with Democrats even though he’s a successful business entrepreneur.

KVUE news in Austin reported that Shami declared that “it’s time for a brown governor” in Texas. So check off racial-identity politics on his leftist qualifications litmus test.

Let’s move to the El Paso Times for the next item on the list: Shami told El Pasoans he wants to open a business in El Paso before the election, a small factory to produce solar energy products to be located in a distressed neighborhood. Farouk’s already promised the same for Houston and soon he’ll have promised to build solar panel factories in every democrat vote-rich area of the state.

Shami’s got the racial-identity and the patramonial I’ll-put-jobs-in-your-barrio politics mastered. What’s next?

The Star-Telegram’s Politex reports, “Shami laid out campaign pledges that include the creation of jobs, solar-powered workplaces, employer-provided insurance, supporting President Obama’s health care plan, controlling student tuition and boosting education funding.”

And as if to make sure we know Shami’s a solid, dyed-in-the-wool, liberal democrat on these issues, the Dallas Morning News reported: “He did not answer questions about how specifically he would accomplish all that, particularly at a time of expected budget shortfalls.”

Farouk The-Quaker Shami may be a sham of a candidate at general election time but, he’s authentic as can be for the Democrat’s primary.

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