More than 50 leaders of Texas’ grassroots conservative movement have signed a letter calling on Gov. Greg Abbott and the legislature to deliver on substantive policy reforms before the session concludes on Monday.

The letter convers a range of issues, including property tax reform, ethics priorities, privacy legislation, pro-life measures, and ballot security.

While overall spending in the state’s 2018-2019 biennial budget comes in under the “population-plus-inflation” metric favored by conservatives, the letter expresses concern with the last-minute nature of the conference committee report.

Of greater concern to the letter signers is a lack of progress on key policy issues.

For two sessions running, Gov. Abbott has made ethics reform an emergency item but has met resistance in the Texas House. Similarly, a comprehensive property tax reform measure passed the Senate but was waylaid in the House.

The letters’ signers also note that “not one substantial election integrity or ballot security bill has passed this session.”

“If meaningful action is not taken before Sine Die, we therefore call on Gov. Abbott to respect the people of Texas, make good on his priorities, and make plans to call a special session of the Texas Legislature to complete this important unfinished business for the people. Anything less is unacceptable,” concludes the letter.