The impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has entered its second week of witness testimony, and Texas senators are expected to begin deliberations on whether Paxton will be convicted and removed from office by the end of the week.

Revelations from the trial thus far include accusations from Paxton’s defense team that the ‘whistleblowers’—who accused Paxton of illegal and unethical abuse of office—were “staging a coup” of the AG’s office by removing Paxton’s name from the official letterhead. Additionally, one ‘whistleblower’ apparently went to the FBI without evidence for his accusations against Paxton.

“The House never produced the evidence of a crime they insisted they had,” Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi told Texas Scorecard. “Their own witnesses admit there was never any such evidence. Instead, this case appears to be about a conservative Attorney General who saw an opportunity to investigate an out-of-control FBI and a few insubordinate employees who were uncomfortable with that. I’ve said from the beginning: this impeachment is a sham, the House leadership team is an embarrassment, and we should demand a quick dismissal from the Senate jurors.”

Meanwhile, grassroots activists are telling Texas Scorecard they are fed up with the Austin ‘witch hunt,’ as the state faces real problems without backup from its elected attorney general.

Border Security

“The impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is a witch hunt organized by the Texas Deep State, enabled by disloyal and insubordinate staff, and orchestrated by Democrats and their establishment Republicans enablers,” said Texans for Strong Borders Executive Director Cary Cheshire.

“Since becoming Attorney General in 2014, Paxton has challenged DACA, the Biden Administration’s illegal use of the CBP One App, which includes an executive parole program that grants de-facto citizenship to illegal aliens, and states fronting the cost of federal subsidies for illegal aliens, while defending Title 42, the border wall, the Remain-in-Mexico program, and President Trump’s America First immigration policies,” highlighted conservative activist Konner Earnest.

“Texans for Strong Borders looks forward to the Texas Senate ending this political prosecution and returning the most conservative attorney general in the nation to office,” added Cheshire.

Second Amendment Rights

“In a world full of RINOs and gun grabbers, few have stood by Texas gun owners like Attorney General Ken Paxton has,” said Texas Gun Rights President Chris McNutt. “This impeachment circus is nothing more than a political witch hunt and the deep state is coming after Ken Paxton the same way they’re coming after Donald Trump—but with even less of a leg to stand on.”

Texas Children

Brady Gray, President of Texas Family Project, said “When other Republicans were running from woke social issues, Ken Paxton was a leader in the conservative fight. With bills like SB 12 [regulating sexually oriented performances] held up in Federal court, Texans need our strong conservative AG back in the office.”

Medical Liberty

“Attorney General Ken Paxton has been a reliable warrior in the battle to protect Texans’ medical liberty, as evidenced by his recent efforts to hold vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna accountable for deceptive marketing practices,” said Texans for Vaccine Choice Political Director Michelle Evans. “While Texans for Vaccine Choice cannot ascribe motivations to those leading the charge for impeachment, it is dismaying that Paxton’s work, not to mention the work of the legislature to address unfinished business such as the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act, is significantly stalled during this process.”

Texas First

“The most remarkable aspect of the trial so far from the perspective of Texas Constitutional Enforcement is how much the start of the mutiny that led to the impeachment flows from a fundamental disagreement on the proper role of Texas officials and law enforcement in protecting Texans from federal corruption, weaponization, and tyranny,” said Tom Glass, President of Texas Constitutional Enforcement.

Indeed, one ‘whistleblower’ testified Monday that investigating the FBI—which Paxton was looking into doing when the whistleblowers went to the FBI accusing him of unethical behavior—would be “insane.”

“Ken Paxton clearly believes it his responsibility as a representative of the people of Texas to defend them from federal overreach,” said Glass. “Those that mutinied against him saw themselves as on the side of Team Fed instead of Team Texas. If for no other reason than the protection of Texas sovereignty from a weaponized, corrupt, tyrannical federal law enforcement apparatus, the Senate should reject the impeachment of Paxton.”

Fran Rhodes, President of True Texas Project said, “Successfully impeaching the Attorney General will be a slam dunk victory for Democrats who have been opposing AG Paxton for years due to his aggressive actions to defend liberty in Texas. It will also be a victory for certain Republicans who have been opposing AG Paxton since he ran for Speaker of the House against Joe Straus.”

“Political opposition is not a basis for impeachment,” emphasized Rhodes.


“Paxton has a long history of securing Texas elections and the grassroots activists I speak with are floored that on the strength of no evidence, Paxton is being harassed,” said Executive Director of Advancing Integrity Christine Welborn.

What’s Next?

Witness testimony in the impeachment trial is expected to be finished by Friday. Texas senators will then vote on whether or not to convict and remove Paxton from office.

Sydnie Henry

A born and bred Texan, Sydnie serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard. She graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and is utilizing her research and writing skills to spread truth to Texans.