So does Texas Democratic chairman Boyd Richie know something about his party faithful the rest of us don’t? Maybe that there are cons among his voters? You know, cons — as in “prisoner, someone in jail”?

In an e-mail he has sent out to “Dear fellow Democrat,” he is pushing his people to get registered to vote. Admirable. But here is the really funny part. He writes:

You may vote early by mail if you are: … confined in jail, but eligible to vote.”

Sure, the law does allow someone to vote, even if in jail, as long as their eligibility hasn’t been removed.

But how many recipients of Boyd’s missives are “confined in jail”? How much of the jailed-but-eligible prison population are likely Democratic voters?

Seem like a party has to be pretty desperate to go after the incarcerated-but-not-ineligible voting demographic.

But then, with Obama a dead-weight on their party, their voters unenthused by their candidates, Boyd must be feeling awfully desperate right about now.

Boyd’s e-mail: