Bill White was on Austin 590 KLBJ’s The Todd and Don Show last week to allegedly discuss his campaign. Typically, he danced around all the questions, except admitting once again that he wants to keep a gas tax hike on the table.

During the interview, Bill White got prickly around the subject of his tax records, claiming he “had the highest security clearance in the United States” while serving in the Clinton Administration, as if that should excuse him from facing public scrutiny now that he wants to hold the highest elected office in Texas.

Bill White claims his “financial disclosures are more complete,” and uncomfortably added, “Other candidates aren’t putting their tax returns online who’ve run for statewide office.”

Next, he got defensive regarding Barack Obama, and continued to employ his “Duck and Cover Strategy.”

When asked if he’s avoiding a campaign event with his party’s leader, he snapped, “I’m going to campaign for myself throughout the state,” and added, “I’m not going to invite the president in to come help me.” For some reason “yes” wasn’t apparently an easy enough answer.

Next, Mr. White claims to have not paid attention to whether the bipartisan Bush tax cuts are going to be extended. The hosts called him out, saying, “Oh, come on, Mr. White!”

Are we to believe Bill White hasn’t been following a key federal issue that will impact every Texan, and can’t find a cogent answer on almost any other topic with the exception of raising the gas tax? If true, it makes you wonder, what has he been doing since he started his campaign?

Either way, Bill White’s disastrous interview on talk radio further exemplifies that he’s in no shape to be Governor of Texas.

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