Bill White Wants New Internet Taxes

In a somewhat surprising admission, Bill White told Evan Smith of The Texas Tribune last week that Texas needs to start collecting taxes on Internet sales. Of course, the only real surprise is that he came out with it before the election.

Bill White’s Padded Resume

Shortly after Barack Obama’s election, Bill White sent a personal e-mail to Rahm Emanuel touting his experience working in Washington “during the Ford, Carter, and Clinton Administrations.” We know he had a two-year stint as Bill Clinton’s deputy secretary of energy, but what did he do during the Ford/Carter years that would warrant such a robust resume claim?

Bill White On The Air

Bill White was on Austin 590 KLBJ’s The Todd and Don Show last week to allegedly discuss his campaign. Typically, he danced around all the questions, except admitting once again that he wants to keep a gas tax hike on the table.

Billy Come Lately on Border Security

Once again, Bill White flip-flops on another major issue. After months of throwing his hands in the air, Obama in Boots is now trying to fool voters into thinking he will fight for border security. The liberal Mr. White must be feeling the heat now that Texans statewide are realizing how weak he is on this issue…and every issue.

Washington Bill White

Bill White is no stranger in Washington. Having served in the Clinton Administration, he was an early entrant in the race that never materialized to replace U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison before deciding to run for governor.

Operation Duck and Cover II

Barack Obama will be back in Texas tomorrow. Once again Bill White, the Democratic nominee for governor, is purposefully avoiding the unpopular president. But this time not only to miss an inconvenient photo-op, Mr. White now takes another swipe at Texans serving in the military.