Once again, Bill White flip-flops on another major issue. After months of throwing his hands in the air, Obama in Boots is now trying to fool voters into thinking he will fight for border security. The liberal Mr. White must be feeling the heat now that Texans statewide are realizing how weak he is on this issue…and every issue.

The White Campaign’s hastily written plan comes out only a day after their candidate was called out by Bill White for TAXES for saying education is the number one “national security issue…in the United States of America”, but he never mentioned rampant border violence.

Mr. White is now touting that as mayor of Houston he directly commanded more law enforcement officers than any other elected official in the state. It’s interesting that he would brandish this as a badge of honor. Particularly when Houston was considered by many to be a sanctuary city when it came to addressing illegal immigration under his watch.

Furthermore, the Democratic nominee recently told a group of law enforcement officials in South Texas that we can’t fully combat criminal drug gangs, and that as Texas governor he would defer to the Obama Administration in Washington and officials in Mexico City on how to resolve such security issues.

Texans are smart enough to see through political spin. Given the chance, Bill White will walk arm-in-arm with Barack Obama in hindering state efforts on border security.

NOTE: This story was originally posted at www.BillWhiteForTAXES.com