Predictions are that the Texas 2011 legislative session is going be ugly. Redistricting will be at the forefront of that ugliness despite comments from the DOJ that politics will be removed from the process. Equally as impotent are the claims that a moderate Speaker will be able to keep things civil.

What could make matters worse is an unresolved unpopular measure to “reform” our healthcare system. The debacle is far from over for the nation and Texas. This means that despite the Democrats best efforts to put the reforms out to pasture it will continue to be an issue.

To wit Dan Flynn is using the bill to make a political statement about his position on personal responsibility and government control through individual mandates. He plans to file a bill allowing Texas to reject the bill. The merits of such legislation aside this is a problem for those laboring to distance themselves from the policy and an unpopular administration.

Some will chalk Flynn’s actions up to political gamesmanship but it is always nice to have a politician on record and even better to get them on record with a vote for or against a measure. And this is just the type of bill that plays well during a campaign. The bill will pass if it is introduced.

The only thing bipartisan about the massive healthcare bill forced through the legislative process was opposition to the bill. Flynn’s bill would allow Democrats to practice what they have historically preached; bipartisan compromise.