Barack Obama will be back in Texas tomorrow. Once again Bill White, the Democratic nominee for governor, is purposefully avoiding the unpopular president. But this time not only to miss an inconvenient photo-op, Mr. White now takes another swipe at Texans serving in the military.

Recall it wasn’t even a month ago when Mr. White activated his “Duck and Cover” Strategy to avoid his party’s leader during a fundraising swing. Now President Obama will be in El Paso attending a ceremony at Fort Bliss to “mark the end of combat operations in Iraq.”

Rather than say he simply won’t be there, the White Campaign chose to take the opportunity to once again knock those serving in our nation’s uniform.

When asked why the liberal Democrat won’t be at the event, a mouthpiece for the campaign said, “His job is to go out every day and meet Texans, earn their votes.” I guess we can assume no “Texans” or “voters” will be at the Fort Bliss event, since that’s apparently the prerequisite for Bill White to grace the military with his presence.

The White Campaign’s contempt isn’t surprising, since Bill White has personally fought to disenfranchise military voters, and doesn’t even want them voting in state elections.

Further, the campaign aide is attributed to have said, Bill White “is focused squarely on state policies, not federal ones.”

So troops are not a state issue? It looks like Team White didn’t realize that “Texas A&M commissions more [military] officers than any other university, except the service academies.

Further, we must assume Mr. White still doesn’t know that the Governor of Texas is the commander-in-chief of the Texas Military Forces, which includes the Texas Army and Air National Guards.

Just last week nearly 3,000 members of the Texas Army National Guard returned from Iraq, which “was part of the single largest Texas guard deployment since World War II.”

Bill White has no shame when it comes to trashing the military, and it should be no surprise that his campaign hasn’t received much public support from prominent military and veterans groups.

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