At the Texas Farm Bureau convention in July, one rancher arrived at the same conclusion as other Texans, “What input I get from White is he is an Obama supporter, and I do not go along with Obama.”

While they’ve endorsed liberal Democrats in other state races, it’s telling that the political arm of the Texas Farm Bureau won’t go anywhere near Obama in Boots.

Barack Obama has been aggressively attacking farm and ranch communities by opposing the extension of the bipartisan 2003 Bush tax cuts. The president claims he wants the tax to be put back on the rich, yet fails to recognize many small business owners, particularly farmers and ranchers, will be negatively impacted if they expire.

Bill White recently claimed he hasn’t been following the Bush tax cut debate, and wouldn’t take a position.

Texans that invest their lives in agricultural communities know, if given the chance, Bill White would remove his conservative looking façade and do Barack Obama’s bidding, to their detriment.

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