Bill White is no stranger in Washington. Having served in the Clinton Administration, he was an early entrant in the race that never materialized to replace U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison before deciding to run for governor.

Now he’s telling Texans on the campaign trail that we must have closer ties to Washington and the Obama Administration. At a time when most Texans believe Washington is overstepping its authority, Mr. White wants to help DC politicians and bureaucrats in their war on Texas.

It’s no secret Obama’s EPA is going after Texas businesses, and even tourist sites like Big Bend. Bill White has not spoken out against the power grab, and Texans could expect him to allow the federal encroachment to grow if he is elected.

The Obama Administration is forcing ObamaCare down Texans throats, and now says the American people need “a lot of reeducation” on its benefits. Bill White still remains mum on the issue, but there is little doubt he would begin moving to impose the massive scheme and underlying new tax regimen, rather than fight for its repeal.

Bill White likes to play “Duck and Cover” when the unpopular president visits Texas, but the fact that Obama’s perpetual campaign has collocated office space with Bill White’s organizers in Austin tells the whole story.

There can be no doubt Bill White would govern as a big government liberal if given the chance. He would bind all Texans to unpopular Washington policies by grabbing every possible federal dollar, and would gladly accept any strings.

When it comes to policy matters, Washington Bill White and President Obama are joined at the liberal hip.

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