Texas Scorecard has released a new documentary entitled “It’s Not Gonna Lick Itself.” It covers the explosion of hypersexual drag shows across Texas targeting children.

Over the past few months, citizens have sounded the alarm over children attending drag shows. The shows feature scantily clad men cross-dressing and dancing provocatively. Although many establishments advertise their drag shows as “family friendly,” experts featured in the documentary explain how these events sexualize children.

In the documentary, Texas Family Project’s president, Chris Hopper, explains why he believes activists use “all-ages” drag shows to expose children to radical gender ideologies.

I think the motivation for these drag shows for kids is very subversive and evil. I think they are softening the target, if you will.

“This is being used as a recruiting tool,” added Hopper. “‘Groomer’ has become cliche, but I think most definitely, they’re trying to recruit this younger generation, which is why the percent is obscene—through the roof—with the number of kids who ‘come out’ to their psychologist and identify as non-binary or questioning their gender.”

Sex slave abolitionist Jaco Booyens, another expert featured in the documentary, said he thinks activists are pushing “all-ages” drag shows to test the limits of current cultural norms.

“The reason we are seeing a push, right now, to expose children to drag queens, drag shows, drag queen story hour is because it’s a stress test on society,” said Booyens. “They’re testing to see the tolerance of society, measuring how far parents will allow their children to be pushed. And ultimately, it’s a battle between good and evil.”

Booyens also explained how early exposure to drag shows and other sexualized content leads curious children to find more information on sex-related topics.

“So, if you plant the seed of transgenderism, puberty blockers, sex change, gender mutilation, the child now, by default, becomes inquisitive, will look into it, will contemplate it,” said Booyens. “You’re moving sex from the back of the brain, that should be dormant until 12, to the frontal lobe. The child is now sexually activated.”

The film’s producer, Drew Koch, said that after researching “all-age” drag shows for the documentary, he now believes activists are using the events to spread radical gender ideologies throughout the United States.

“Working on this project revealed to me that there is a cultural war being waged,” said Koch.

Whether we like it or not, there are people with a defined agenda and intention to reshape the political and cultural landscape not just of Texas but the nation. The push to expose children to drag queens, sexuality, and transgenderism is not an accident but part of a movement to reshape the culture.

The documentary can be viewed below or by following this link.

Katy Marshall

Katy graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 after majoring in history and minoring in political science.