That Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is blanketing Texas with advertisements to convince GOP voters that she is a conservative, says more than do her commercials.

Hutchison has been on various Texas ballots much longer than has Rick Perry, being first elected to the Texas House way back in 1972 [Perry was elected to the House a decade later.] As a U.S. Senator, Hutchison has enjoyed plentiful media coverage in every corner of the state since 1993 – 16 years. And yet now, she has to define who she is to Republican voters in a pre-primary media blitz?

Hutchison’s comments on WFAA-TV’s Inside Texas Politics this past weekend, brought forth the truly bizarre. The Senator said that Texas Gov. Rick Perry “talks like a conservative, but governs like a liberal.”

To back up her statement she pulled out the Perry attempt to mandate the slut-shot for school girls [cervical cancer vaccine only beneficial if the child, it was about minors in school, is sexually active]. Perry’s idea was highly objectionable and he was criticized strongly for the position.

But the reason that issue sticks out is because of how rare such non-conservative positions have been in Perry’s tenure as Texas’ governor.

For Kay Bailey Hutchison to claim that Perry “governs like a liberal” is simply odd.

For some reason, the senator’s campaign feels it necessary to spend huge dollars to convince Texans that she is a conservative, when her record is as fresh to voters as is Perry’s. Having Hutchison tell us she is more conservative than Rick Perry, is as freakish as is her claim that Perry governs as a liberal.

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