How are the legislative priorities of the Texas Republican and Democrat parties faring in the 2021 legislative session? Texas Scorecard tracks the progress of bills in the House and Senate to show you the movement of each party’s legislative priorities.

Republican priorities are taken from the legislative priorities passed during the 2020 Texas GOP Convention, while Democrat priorities are taken from the 2020 Texas Democrat Party platform.


Republican Priorities

Election Integrity

House Bill 329 (Cain) Filed

House Bill 335 (Cain) Filed

House Bill 574 (Bonnen) Filed

House Bill 1368 (Leach) Filed

Senate Bill 155 (Perry) Filed

Religious Freedom

House Bill 525 (Shaheen) Filed

House Bill 1218 (Oliverson) Filed

House Bill 1239 (Sanford) Filed

House Bill 1291 (Bell, Keith) Filed

House Concurrent Resolution 1 (Stephenson) Filed

Senate Bill 251 (Paxton | Perry) Filed

Children and Gender Modification

House Bill 68 (Toth) Filed

House Bill 1399 (Krause) Filed

Abolition of Abortion
Constitutional Carry

House Bill 1238 (Biedermann) Filed

Senate Bill 540 (Springer | Buckingham) Filed

Monument Protection

House Bill 466 (Shaheen) Filed

House Bill 1079 (Perez) Filed

School Choice for All
Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

House Bill 749 (Middleton) Filed

Senate Bill 234 (Hall) Filed

Democrat Priorities

Marijuana Legalization

House Bill 1609 (Crockett) Filed

House Bill 169 (Thompson, Senfronia) Filed

House Bill 585 (Cole) Filed

House Bill 616 (Dutton) Filed

House Joint Resolution 11 (Reynolds) Filed

House Joint Resolution 13 (Canales) Filed

Senate Bill 140 (Gutierrez) Filed

Senate Joint Resolution 16 (Eckhardt) Filed

Expanding Abortion

House Bill 1362 (Cole) Filed

Senate Bill 448 (Eckhardt) Filed

Increase Minimum Wage

House Bill 60 (Reynolds) Filed

House Bill 255 (Meza) Filed

House Bill 383 (Pacheco) Filed

House Bill 615 (Goodwin) Filed

House Bill 731 (González, Jessica) Filed

Senate Bill 389 (Eckhardt) Filed

Medicaid Expansion

House Bill 389 (Israel) Filed

House Bill 398 (Bucy) Filed

House Joint Resolution 9 (Reynolds) Filed

House Joint Resolution 23 (Israel) Filed

House Joint Resolution 24 (Bucy) Filed

Senate Bill 118 (Johnson) Filed

Senate Bill 119 (Johnson) Filed

Senate Joint Resolution 14 (Johnson) Filed

Senate Joint Resolution 15 (Alvarado) Filed

Ban Fracking
Red-Flag Laws

House Bill 395 (Moody) Filed

Senate Bill 84 (Miles) Filed

Expand Mass Transportation
Repeal Voter ID

House Bill 110 (Reynolds) Filed

House Bill 1366 (Israel) Filed

Senate Bill 100 (Menéndez)  Filed