So State Sen. Kirk Watson has caught the compeition bug. He thinks Republicans just ahve too much power in Texas. Where was his outrage at political monopolies for the decades in which Democrats ran the state?

Right where is outrage is right now: nowhere. Watson doesn’t really want competition, he wants power. Power for himself and his party, and over you and your wallet.

Remember, this is the same Kirk Watson who made a fool of himself on the Democrats’ own propoganda network (MSNBC) by not being able tpo explain why he supported Barack Obama.

Why isn’t Watson calling for a break-up of the Democratic party’s power base in his hometown of Austin, where liberal Democrats have every seat on the city council up through Congress?

Because when it’s job-killing, tax-hiking, government-growing, union-backed liberals who have a monopoly, then it’s all fine.

Watson and his cronies need to be busted off the public payroll for good.