Supporters of the Lone Star Agenda announced they have already received the support of more than one hundred grassroots leaders from across the state.

On Monday, activists publicly revealed 25 more supporters of the plan to unite Texas Republicans around an 11-point policy agenda engineered to improve the state, excite the electorate, and protect the state’s Republican majority, bringing the total amount of activists in support to 125.

“I and the Fredericksburg Tea Party are in full support of The Lone Star Agenda,” said Matt Long. “To us, it is about accountability as well as priorities moving forward. We want to see Texas Republicans act and vote like Texas Republicans!”

Rachel Malone, the Texas director of Gun Owners of America Texas, agreed.

“The Texas Legislature completely failed to address conservative priorities this spring, including gun rights. Texas is already behind the majority of other states in protecting our right to bear arms, and instead of fixing the problem, the legislature ignored the grassroots and gave us bread crumbs instead,” said Malone.

“This legislative inaction is unacceptable,” she added. “That’s why GOA-Texas is proud to support the Lone Star Agenda, and we call on all Texas legislators to also champion the grassroots’ priorities and keep Texans safe by expanding the ability of law-abiding citizens to carry guns for protection.”

North Texas activist and Texas Liberty Initiative Executive Director Joel Starnes said the Lone Star Agenda would help unite and excite Republicans in advance of the next general election.

“The Lone Star Agenda offers the grassroots an opportunity to unite behind a core set of principles that will save Texas, rekindling our independent spirit,” said Starnes. “With a single voice behind these core values and a strategy to hold our elected officials accountable. We can do this, we can #SaveTexas2020!”

Tanya Robertson, a Tea Party activist and member of the Texas GOP’s executive committee, said unifying around the agenda could prevent the state from turning into something most Texans dread.

“The Lone Star Agenda is an accumulation of common-sense conservative issues that will inspire like-minded Texans to vote their values in 2020. You’ve heard the term ‘don’t California my Texas’? Unifying around the Lone Star Agenda will prevent this from happening,” said Robertson.

Empower Texans President Ross Kecseg, who signed the letter himself over the weekend, said the movement’s momentum is only helping unite Republicans around a shared policy agenda.

“It’s inspiring to see conservative leaders from across Texas step up when elected officials fall short,” said Kecseg. “By calling for lawmakers to protect American values, Texans in 2020 will be offered a common-sense alternative to Democrats seeking to divide voters.”

The entire Lone Star Agenda can be viewed here.

The grassroots coalition’s Facebook page can be viewed here.

Cary Cheshire

Cary Cheshire is the executive director of Texans for Strong Borders, a no-compromise non-profit dedicated to restoring security and sovereignty to the citizens of the Lone Star State. For more information visit


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