A month after gaining a historic 690 legislative seats across all 50 states, Republicans are still growing their new majorities and basically making state Democrats even more miserable, especially in the south—but what about Texas?

Since November 2nd, at least 13 state legislators across five states have switched parties. While I am typically skeptical of anyone who switches parties, I think it’s about time more Democrats, especially those who consider themselves conservative, to switch parties. Over the past four years we have seen the national Democratic party get hijacked by the far left. With the rise of the Tea Party and more concerned citizens, the media would like you to think the Republican Party has become far right when the reality is the Republican party has seen a rebirth and return to basics while the Democrats continuously move to the left. During this time, decent Democrats have been ignored by their party leaders and basically told to sit down, shut up, and just vote the way they’re told.

Fortunately it seems as if some state legislators have seen the writing on the wall and are listening to their constituents. Voters clearly did not like the liberal agenda rammed through by the radical left. They may not quite trust the GOP yet, but they definitely knew they had to do something to stop the left. This mentality not only affected national races, but state races in which Republicans gained control of both legislative chambers and governor’s mansions in 21 states. While this is definitely a good thing for job creation, economic prosperity, and personal liberties, I think it might get worse for the Democrats in conservative states—especially here in Texas where Democrats lost 22 seats and now hold 51 seats in the state house.

This beating has left the Texas Democrats with a leadership void, and I have a sick feeling that the new leader could be a hyper–partisan liberal. That’s what happened at the national level; House Democrats clearly did not get the message on November 2nd and elected Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader, so why wouldn’t it happen here in Texas?

Maybe it’s because Texas Democrats are smarter than that; they are fellow Texans, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but sadly those who have the best interest of our state at heart will be silenced by leftists who control the national party and have exerted more power over the state party. This is why I am expecting there might be at least one Democrat out there who will switch parties before the 82nd legislature begins and give the Republicans a ⅔ super majority. This might be wishful thinking, but I honestly believe when you cut through all of the partisanship, there must be a few Democrats who realize that sticking with their liberal leadership is not only bad for themselves, but terrible for Texas!