Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick will seek a third term in office.
“America is at a crossroads and Texas is ground-zero in the fight. The radicals on the left are focused on destroying the greatest nation on Earth,” said Patrick in a statement issued by his campaign. “They seek to erase our history and drive a stake through the heart of American Exceptionalism.”
Patrick continued:
Like Travis at the Alamo, I am drawing a line in the sand. I will not yield, I will not waiver. I am resolved to continue the fight for the safety and security of Texas.
I am proud of the work done by the Texas Senate during the past four legislative sessions. We have continued to move boldly to protect life, improve education, increase teacher pay, protect the rights of students and parents in education, ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory, expand access to healthcare, support the Second Amendment and invest more money in border security than any lieutenant governor in history. We have unleashed the Texas economy and continue to protect our way of life centering on individual freedom and liberty. To accomplish this, we have pushed back against unrestrained federal overreach, the radical progressives, and woke corporate culture.
As the Biden, Pelosi, Schumer axis sets its sights on Texas, I renew my commitment to the people of Texas to fight to the end. I look forward to the 2022 elections, traveling the state, and sharing with my fellow citizens everything that is great about Texas.
He has three declared challengers in the Republican primary: Trayce Bradford, Daniel Miller, and Aaron Sorrells.
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