Just a month after Texas began installing buoy border barriers to prevent illegal aliens from crossing the Mexican border, Republicans overwhelmingly support the program.

Almost immediately after the buoy installations began, lawsuits were filed and threats were made against Gov. Greg Abbott for moving to close the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas. 

new poll from CWS Research reveals that Texans support Abbott’s barrier.

Earlier this month, the Biden administration demanded Abbott remove the newly installed buoy barriers. 

Respondents were asked if they believe Abbott should comply and remove the barriers, keep the existing ones in place, or install more. Just 9 percent said Abbott should comply. However, 22 percent said they believed Abbott should keep the current barriers in place, and an astonishing 69 percent said they want more barriers to be installed.

The poll also reminded Republicans of a lawsuit the Department of Justice has filed against Texas to remove the buoys permanently. 

Abbott previously said he “welcomes the legal fight” and will stand firm in his decision.

Texas Republican voters were then asked if Abbott should comply if a federal judge ruled in the DOJ’s favor. Just 17 percent believed he should, and another 71 percent said Abbott ought to refuse to obey.

Pollsters also posed the question of whether or not Texas Republicans believe children of illegal aliens should receive birthright citizenship.

Thirteen percent said they were unsure, 21 percent were in favor of children of illegals receiving birthright citizenship, and 66 percent believed that children of illegal aliens should have no right to birthright citizenship.

The poll also included questions regarding the current candidates for the 2024 Republican primary. When asked who they would vote for if the Republican primary for president were held today, Texans voted in favor of President Donald Trump with 48 percent; however, his approval has dropped 3 percent since the last CWS poll.

Polltakers’ next highest selection was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with 13 percent of Texas Republicans in favor. Since the previous CWS poll, the number of potential voters who favored DeSantis has dropped by 6 percent.

All other candidates—Chris Christie, Tim Scott, Asa Hutchinson, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Vivek Ramaswamy, Doug Burgum, and Will Hurd—received 5 percent or less of the votes.

When asked if the field narrowed to just Trump and DeSantis, Trump remained the top selection with 53 percent of voters in favor.

DeSantis’ overall approval dropped by 3 percent from the last time CWS proposed this question, from 32 percent to 29 percent.

The full poll from CWS Research may be viewed here.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.