Possible Texas GOP Legislative Priorities for 2022 Revealed - Texas Scorecard

HOUSTON—-The Republican Party of Texas Convention has officially begun as the convention hall opens and delegates and attendees pour into the red-bedecked hall.

The temporary RPT Legislative Priorities Committee has spent the past two days hearing testimony from Texans on possible legislative priorities for the 88th legislative session in January.

Thus far, the committee has whittled down the priorities presented to the fifteen listed below:

  1. Election Integrity (+ closed primaries)
  2. Protect the Electric Grid
  3. Eliminate Property Taxes
  4. Abolition of Abortion
  5. Gender Identity + Modification
  6. Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying
  7. Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids (Eliminate Obscenity Exemptions)
  8. Medical Freedom (+ 10 Day Rule + Medical Tyranny)
  9. Border Security
  10. Ban Democrat Committee Chairs
  11. Curtail Emergency Powers
  12. Defend the Second Amendment
  13. Eliminate Sunset on Convention of States
  14. School Choice for All (+Parental Rights)
  15. Save Women’s Sports

The language, as well as specific priorities, are subject to change later this week when the permanent committee meets.

On Saturday, delegates will vote on these possible priorities and the top eight will become the RPT priorities for 2023.