We have the first raising of the white flag by a RINO in the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature. The dubious honor goes to: newly elected, Kay Bailey Hutchison-crowd-backed, state rep from Dallas, Jason Villalba.

Villalba, when not raising the RINO flag of surrender to the hard-left, works for the  Dallas-based international law firm Haynes and Boone. That firm hosted an event, with the Texas Tribune, at which Representatives Villalba, the supposed Republican voice, and Democrat Rafael Anchia opined upon issues political.

Redistricting news maven Michael Li, via Twitter, gave an account of Jason Villalba raising the white flag of surrender, as RINOs seem always eager to do. Li reported that Villalba said that Republican opposition to ObamaCare has been “posturing” and predicted that Gov. Perry and the Legislature would “soften” and become more “reasonable” on this issue of Federal takeover of healthcare.

And just in case we think Mr. Li might have mistaken what freshman RINO Jason Villalba said, the co-host and law firm he works for, Haynes & Boone, issued a press release which stated: “both Villalba and Anchia predicted a softening of the governor’s hard line against setting up the federal Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges, now that repeal of that law is off the table.”

My friends let me tell you this: No Republican Party official or big-wheel picked Jason Villalba as state rep. in that heavily contested primary this past summer. Just as no GOP insider picked Mitt Romney as the presidential nominee. It is Republican Primary voters who go about choosing nominees and when picking non-conservatives, it is they, our own folk, who help destroy the Party and in turn the country.

Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt has been active in Texas Republican politics since the Reagan re-elect in 1984. He has served as Lubbock County Republican chairman, and in 2006 founded the Pratt on Texas radio network, providing the news and commentary of Texas on both radio and podcast. Learn more at www.PrattonTexas.com.