Isn’t odd that the one area in which most politicians and taxpayers get weak-kneed is that same place that seems to practice the most deception; Education.  To me education has become the new golden calf of American worship.  I dare you to say in a public setting that “Education” is getting enough money.  I double-dog dare you to say that teachers are getting enough money!

Now in addition to being deceived about drop out rates, TAKS progress, “laptops for learning”, etc. taxpayers now have to watch out how they criticize their school district officials.  This story  gives us a perfect example of parents/taxpayers getting fed up with the lack of results and increasing costs in educating their kids, so they start a website to keep others informed, only to be threatened to be sued by the ISD’s attorney!   That’s right the same collection of educated elites that tell you that given enough money and time they can usher in education utopia, cannot seem to comprehend the meaning of the First Amendment.   Please consider  supporting GISD Watch in their fight against an intrusive school board who wants “edgy” criticism of them stopped.

Let’s not forget that this month (November elections)over a hundred school districts are asking taxpayers to spend untold millions on new bond issues.  As a contractor, I have informed the Texas Legislature that Texas taxpayers over spend 300-400 million dollars every year on wasteful and extravagant school buildings.  What on earth will they waste on this year?


5/24/24 More Trouble at the Border

- DPS arrests 57 illegal aliens for criminal trespass in the Normandy area. - North Texas teacher arrested for assaulting 4-year-old child. - Texas sues Ticketmaster for monopolization of live entertainment industry.