A legislative priority of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was been filed in the Texas Senate this week, seeking to protect women student athletes in collegiate athletic programs from having to unfairly compete against biological males. The bill was filed by State Sen. Mayes Middleton (R-Wallisville).

Senate Bill 15 requires athletes to compete on the team according to the athlete’s biological sex, as stated on the student’s birth certificate. Middleton said students should be required to to compete “based on their God-given biological gender.” It has 17 original authors in addition to Middleton, all of whom are Republicans.

“Senate Bill 15 protects the integrity of women’s college sports by ensuring biological men don’t cheat women out of victories, steal athletic records from female athletes, and put women’s athletic scholarships unfairly at risk,” said Senator Middleton. “Generations of women have fought for the opportunity to compete and to have fair athletic play. Allowing biological men to compete against them immediately erodes everything they have fought for.”

Similar legislation was filed last month in the Texas House.

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