Of the 74 Democrats in the Texas House, 64 of them have been asked by 11 Republicans to pick the next Speaker of the Texas House. (That means 10 Democrats are joining with 65 Republicans in keeping Republican House Speaker Tom Craddick.) A liberal political gossip website last night quoted Rob Eissler (R-The Woodlands) as saying while he doesn’t “have a problem with Tom Craddick,” he was with the Democrats finding a new speaker because, “I don’t think (Craddick) has the votes.” He’s a Republican committee chairman… From mega-Republican Montgomery County… In power because of Craddick… Asking the Democrats to pick a speaker. ‘Tis the season for insanity.

Is Eissler crazy? If Craddick doesn’t have the votes to win, it is — simply looking at the math — simply because of Eissler! Yet he says he doesn’t have a problem with Craddick? Of course, Eissler doesn’t come out and directly say he is supporting a Democrat.

I know Sullivan and TFR aren’t taking a position on the speaker race, but it does annoy me that someone like Rob Eissler (who has done so well on the various conservative ratings) is joining with guys like my hometown’s incompetent state representative Delwin Jones (who wouldn’t know conservative principles if they bit him in the nose) in handing the Texas House over to the liberal Democrats.

And the Republicans wonder why more and more conservative voters just stay home. It’s because of these guys.