After the FBI raided former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago house and news broke of the IRS hiring 87,000 new armed agents willing to kill their fellow citizens in an effort to seize their property, many Americans are growing increasingly concerned about the direction the United States seems to be heading down.

On The Salcedo Storm podcast this week, Chris Salcedo spoke with Attorney General Ken Paxton about these concerns and how corrupt the government agencies have become. 

“I thought, ‘We are crossing lines we’ve never crossed before in this country.’ It was stunning to me that they would raid a president’s home,” Paxton said. “I have a lot of concerns about what they’re doing. It’s becoming pretty scary when you start thinking about our law enforcement, our U.S. law enforcement, being similar to law enforcement in other countries.” 

Paxton continued, saying he doesn’t trust these government agencies anymore and that the fears of our government are logical.

“I think there’s a legitimate reason to fear our own government at this point. They are turning into what we’ve read about in countries like Germany in the ‘30s. And what’s going on in Russia or China now … I don’t see much of a difference.” 

Salcedo asked Paxton what he thinks the FBI raid of Trump’s home tells citizens about these agencies. Paxton replied that he’s seen those agencies not follow the law before when it comes to unreasonable searches and seizures. 

“I’ve had this happen to people in Texas, where lines are cut, damage is done so that no one can see what they’re doing, because they don’t operate any more under the law. Americans should be extremely concerned because if we don’t find a way to stop the FBI and Department of Justice from doing this, they are going to continue to do this to freedom-loving Americans who they disagree with politically,” said Paxton. 

While there have been countless stories of the DOJ and FBI abusing their power and going after Americans with whom they disagree, a new department is now being weaponized. 

Through President Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill, the IRS seeks to hire 87,000 new agents whose job description includes using a firearm to seize property. 

“You’re talking about a massive number of IRS agents who are announced as fully armed and they’re going to threaten Americans across the country,” Paxton said. “Most Americans don’t have the money to fight these guys, let alone deal with somebody walking with a gun that is taking away their property.”

While many Republicans are calling out the new weaponized agencies, Democrats have largely remained silent on the issue. However, Paxton says everyone should be worried. 

“Democrats still have to make a living, and they’re going to have to live under this government that threatens to take everything you have, and threatens to take your freedom if they disagree with you politically. So, I think that even some Democrats would fear that, because that is not the country that we were given by the founders.”

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.


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