Scandal after scandal has wracked Texas’ public school system in Texas. From pornographic materials in school libraries to alarmingly low STAAR test scores across the state, the education system in Texas is failing students.    

American Scholars, a Texas-based company that offers classes taught by expert professors in topics ranging from history to finance to law, has a new vision for American education. 

Matt Pohl, founder of American Scholars, spent years in higher education admissions offices and says of his experience, “Education in the United States is mediocre. Our schools lack rigor. … A lot of teachers just do the same methodologies over and over and over again in a classroom. They give students worksheets, they wheel in a TV, they put on a movie. There isn’t a whole lot of real critical thinking or personalization whatsoever.”

This is further evidenced by the latest round STARR testing in Texas. According to the Texas Education Agency, nearly half of all students in grades 3-8 are reading below grade level, while in math, more than half of all students tested below grade level. 

“In America today, students are not learning what matters. … Parents are fed up with behavioral problems, the indoctrination that students are experiencing, the lack of quality, and the high amount of mediocrity.”

Pohl addded, “We are staring down, I think, a very, very dark precipice. … Students are graduating without being able to grasp key skills and critical reasoning. We need to take back the educational process of our students to the Socratic method.”

Hence the foundation of American Scholars in Texas. According to Pohl, “Starting American Scholars in Texas makes perfect economic and social sense.” 

From sexually explicit material in libraries to trans ideology, children are being taught a particular narrative. As many schools continue to fail students, American Scholars wants to help kids “learn what matters” and prepare for the future. 

“So much of the education system, they’ve ripped out that absolute truth exists,” explained American Scholars’ CEO, who works under the pseudonym Patrick Codely. “And now, there’s nothing to stand on. And our nation was built, founded literally on something different. So, we’re pointing back to that. That’s why we’re American scholars: we believe in absolute truth.” 

But, how did the education system get to this point? Pohl says it has everything to do with civic engagement.   

“Civic engagement is at an all-time low. This is why we have school boards that have been the way they have for years,” he says. “Lots of these folks on the extreme far left—who care more about virtue signaling and who could care less about developing children—are elected year after year after year. It’s only now that we have started to pay attention to these things.” 

In response to the lack of rigor and the anti-American values taught in many public schools, American Scholars seeks to bring academically challenging and personalized education to students across America.   

“[American Scholars is] bringing—quite literally—the highest quality of education to the homes of millions of Americans. [We have] the highest quality materials that professors will develop exclusively for us. … [Graduating students] will be civically active and engaged, and they will be respectful of our history and our heritage and our institutions. We are really here to help students and families learn what matters—that we can save our country. That is the true definition of ‘pro-American.’”  

Learn more about American Scholars here.

Juliana Berg

Juliana is a summer fellow for Texas Scorecard. She is studying political science and philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. She enjoys learning about the philosophies that shape America.


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