While we celebrate recent data showing that Texas’ unemployment number is two-points lower than the national average and that Texas lead the nation in job creation last month, we must be aware that our better-than-others performance is not simply happenstance. It is due largely to our decade of pursuit of “sound economic policy, restricting government growth, cutting taxes and freeing the Texas economy from burdensome regulations,” as EmpowerTexans.com’s Michael Sullivan recently put it.

Worrisome is that Texas has already started a pronounced drift toward bigger-government with folk such as Carona leading other Senate RINO’s down the path to ruin, as well as the cabal of anti-conservatives in the House with self-described moderate Speaker Straus at their head.

Texas will quickly destroy its unique, envied economic position if we do not stop this drift toward taxpayer funded, government “solutions” to every local area’s, and group’s, perceived problems.

The upcoming primaries are where first battles need be fought. Filing to be on the ballot begins in just a few days, 03 December, and Texas needs conservative candidates at all spots on the ballot.

Also, it may be wise in this anti-incumbent cycle to have conservatives file as Independents in certain races where it serves a specific purpose for the cause. This provides voters with a backstop in November to express “none of the above” and yet cast a positive vote for responsible government.

Independents must file with the state or local government, as opposed to a party, during the same time frame but, they get to skip a party primary election. Some folk may want to give this option serious consideration, many voters will.

List of filing forms from the Secretary of State.

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