UPDATE: This article has been updated since publication to include the recommendation of Caroline Kane.

With the primary election less than a month away, grassroots organization True Texas Project published their candidate recommendations.

“We will never tell you how to vote. But we will provide you with a solid starting point for your own research,” True Texas Project CEO Julie McCarty told Texas Scorecard.

The True Texas Project board and local leadership teams vet candidates, and then vote to see which candidates they’d personally pick. 

The organization has recommended several statewide candidates:

  • Ted Cruz, U.S. Senate
  • Christi Craddick, Railroad Commissioner
  • John Devine, Texas Supreme Court Place 4
  • David Schenck, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Presiding Judge
  • Gina Parker, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7
  • Lee Finley, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8

True Texas Project has also endorsed Devine, Schenck, and Parker.

For U.S. House, State House and State Senate races, True Texas Project is recommending the following candidates: 

  • Keith Self, Congressional District 3
  • Clifford Wiley, Congressional District 6 
  • James Buford, Congressional District 6
  • Caroline Kane, Congressional District 7
  • Jared Lovelace, Congressional District 10
  • John O’Shea, Congressional District 12
  • Vangela Churchill, Congressional District 15
  • Joseph Langone, Congressional District 17
  • Julie Clark, Congressional District 23
  • Matt Lucci, Congressional District 25
  • Brandon Gill, Congressional District 26
  • Mack Latimer, Congressional District 31
  • Darrell Day, Congressional District 32
  • Kurt Schwab, Congressional District 33
  • Greg Kuncle, Congressional District 34
  • Mauro Garza, Congressional District 34
  • Jace Yarbrough, Senate District 30
  • Josh Feuerstein, House District 4
  • Dewey Collier, House District 5
  • Joe McDaniel, House District 7
  • Paulette Carson, House District 9
  • Joanne Shofner, House District 11
  • Trey Wharton, House District 12
  • Rick Davis, House District 14
  • Tom Glass, House District 17
  • Kyle Biedermann, House District 19
  • Jeanine Chapa, House District 20
  • Matt Morgan, House District 26
  • Dan Matthews, House District 28 
  • Gary Gates, House District 28
  • Dennis London, House District 33
  • Greg Switzer, House District 44
  • Wesley Virdell, House District 53
  • Hillary Hickland, House District 55
  • Devvie Duke, House District 56
  • Helen Kerwin, House District 58
  • Mike Olcott, House District 60
  • Charles Branch, House District 61
  • Keresa Richardson, House District 61
  • Shelley Luther, House District 62
  • Vince Gallo, House District 63
  • Andy Hopper, House District 64
  • Mitch Little, House District 65
  • Wayne Richard, House District 66
  • Daren Meis, House District 67
  • Kerri Kingsbery, House District 68
  • Karen Post, House District 68
  • Liz Case, House District 71
  • Wade Cowan, House District 83
  • Tim Greeson, House District 85
  • Jamie Haynes, House District 86
  • Karen Post, House District 88
  • Abraham George, House District 89
  • David Lowe, House District 91
  • Cheryl Bean, House District 97
  • Brad Schofield, House District 98
  • Jack Reynolds, House District 99
  • Barry Wernick, House District 108
  • Chad Carnahan, House District 112
  • Brandon Grable, House District 119
  • Marc LaHood, House District 121
  • Bianca Gracia, House District 128
  • John Perez, House District 133

“When voters find out we’ve done the research and made recommendations for the entire ballot, they’re immediately intrigued,” True Texas Project CEO Julie McCarty told Texas Scorecard. “Everyone knows who they want for President, but what about judge…or commissioner? Those are harder, especially because a lot of times we’re just helping pick the lesser of all evils. Even folks who disagree with one or two of our choices are still using our slate for the more obscure races. It’s important to also know that we are not pay-to-play. Candidates cannot buy our support.”

For the full list of local election recommendations made by True Texas Project, click here

The primary election is March 5.

Amelia McKenzie

Amelia is a senior at Liberty University in Virginia. She is studying Digital Journalism and is currently a fellow with Texas Scorecard.