The Ag Department is one of the two lead sponsors of two upcoming Texas wine tastings – one in Dallas and San Antonio.  How many average Texas taxpayers will pay $40 for these sumptuous sippings?

The website states that it is co-presented by the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas and Go Texan, Texas Department of Agriculture, Commissioner Todd Staples.  It is kind of odd that we still have many dry counties in Texas at the same time we are subsidizing alcohol consumption for the most well-off Texans.  In addition to these tastings, the 2008-09 budget includes thousands in subsidies for specific wineries.

Is it sour grapes to make sure we don’t pour the fruits of Texas taxpayers’ labor down the drain?



5/17/24 Sexually Explicit Books Return

- Fort Worth ISD to return sexually explicit books to library shelves. - Gov. Greg Abbott pardons Army Sergeant Daniel Perry. - Texas GOP to elect new chair next week.