AUSTIN — Texas public school officials continue to face backlash for promoting hazardous sexual behaviors to kids of all ages and teaching them “trans” ideology—the idea that you can turn into whatever biological sex or creature you feel like.

In a class document obtained by Texas Scorecard, a University of Texas health sciences lecturer instructed students to accept the unscientific “Genderbread Person,” a visual “gender identity” chart that depicts biological sex as a spectrum with numerous options.

The class also showed students the “Gender Revolution” film, a National Geographic documentary with Katie Couric that promotes the hazardous ideology.

“The bottom line is, your external genitalia does not dictate your gender,” said Couric in one of the movie’s conversations.

“Yeah, I mean, I couldn’t have said it better,” replied LGBT activist Sam Killermann.

The film also promotes the story of a 6-year-old boy who has been steered into pretending to be a girl. The boy’s parents began influencing him to do so when he was just 3 years old.

Meanwhile, the Genderbread Person chart has been forced into taxpayer-funded K-12 schools in Texas, as well as instructional institutions across the country and even the world. LGBT activists recently pushed the training into England’s Norfolk Constabulary police department, along with a “guide” of 37 different biological sex “options.”

“It includes words used in everyday language, such as binary, but also less common terms such as ‘neutrois’, which is when someone ‘identifies as agender, neither male nor female, and/or genderless’, and ‘maverique’, which is used to explain a ‘non-binary gender that exists outside of the orthodox social bounds of gender,’” wrote the Daily Mail.

“[Norfolk Police] staff who are confused by any of the definitions are directed to the ‘gender bread person’ diagram, which includes a series of sliding scales that relate to gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression and biological sex,” the article continued.

England’s civil servants were also recently instructed in the delusion, which was too much even for some homosexual activists.

“It’s extraordinary that the civil service continues to forge relationships with lobby groups masquerading as training providers to promote aggressively ideological and unscientific nonsense,” said Bev Jackson, director of the LGB Alliance.

“This is absolute madness and a complete waste of rate-payers’ money,” said former Shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe.

Outside classrooms, the LGBT ideology is wreaking havoc on children and adults, such as in the case of 9-year-old Dallas-area boy James Younger. His mother told him he was a girl and wanted to force him (against his father’s wishes) to take sterilizing cross-sex hormone drugs and eventually be castrated.

Texas Scorecard has extensively chronicled the issue in Texas’ taxpayer-funded schools, and concerned citizens may contact their elected officials.

Parents who encounter troubling curriculum in their local schools may also contact

Jacob Asmussen

Jacob Asmussen is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and in 2017 earned a double major in public relations and piano performance.


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