With the end of another bout of elections comes shortsighted, shallow analysis and whining by the print media. This week Enrique Rangel provided the former and the Dallas Morning News the latter.

Given Rangel’s long history of being a Delwin Jones apologist his ridiculous claim that conservatives somehow did not fare well during the primaries is not a far flung departure from his typical antics. His rational is that Tea Party sentiments are only manifested in voting out incumbents. Voting out incumbents is not the goal of conservative voters drawn to action of late by the Tea Party.

Conservatives and the Tea Party 1) beat anti-conservative Republican incumbents 2) pushed incumbent platforms to the right 3) defeated the challenges of liberals masquerading as conservatives 4) and filled open seats with conservatives. Observation of these outcomes is lost on or ignored by Rangel and others.

The Dallas Morning News editorial board is preparing to crawl back into its cave of endorsed political corpses to lick wounds until the fall. The list of failed endorsements they have amassed over the last two months in GOP contests is impressive. But before they retire for a spell they let out a final whine that Dallas area voters are ignorant.

The editorial board took voters to task for what the DMN deemed “shortsightedness” specifically citing the election of Van Taylor to House District 66. The Morning News endorsed establishment RINO candidate Mabrie Jackson to take Brian McCall’s place. Taylor won.

A continuation of this type of arrogance and lack of insightful political analysis is what we have come to expect from these “news” sources. I’m glad that Texans know better than to buy what these guys are selling.


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